Free Resources

At Wanderlust Counseling, part of our mission is to help others learn, heal, and grow.  We offer these free resources to help empower all individuals who have similar intentions. 

The Female Runner's Body Guide & Workshop

A Resource to Promote Positive Body Image and Health Habits Among Young Female Runners

The download (below) is an instructors guide to any person wishing to facilitate the Body Positive Workshop for Female Runners, which address body image and eating challenges that have become all to common in the sport.

Steps to Adventure- eBook

Steps to Adventure is a a tool, a map if you will, on how to live life as an adventure. Its purpose is to help you live every day with a 

renewed sense of enthusiasm, no matter what mountain you find yourself before. What is taken from this guide

will undoubtedly be different for everyone. While some may find themselves inspired to renew

and revitalize the path they are currently on, others may decide it’s time to venture down a new

path altogether. And yes, some may just find themselves packing their bags and heading to the


How to Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus

"Author of My Life"-Narrative Therapy Worksheet