Therapeutic Style

You are not broken.

Wounded? Cracked? Chipped at the edge? Maybe.

But those cracked areas offer us the spaces to grow.  As Rumi said "The wound is the place where the light enters."


When a forest has been subject to deforestation and harmful farming practices, it loses its nutrients and the animals that once inhabited the grounds leave.  The situation seems bleak.  But then someone comes in, acknowledges the inherent beauty and potential of the space, and gives it the tools and time needed to heal.  New buds start to sprout.  The animals return.  Color and vitality come back the forest.  

This growth, this re-wilding, is at the heart of my practice.

What you can expect from me is my full commitment to you and your own growth.  To see the whole you, to be with you through any pain, and to see you with unconditional positive regard.  I want to be a support while you are navigating life's challenges so you can see the rainbow at the other end.

Nature is at the heart of my practice, but that doesn't mean we have to always go outside.  It's more about connecting to your own inner Nature, so comfy visits on a couch in the office are quite fine!  Additionally, I tend to draw on Attachment Theory, which looks at the bonds we created with our earliest caregivers and how we carry those relationships (and survival) patterns with us through adulthood.  I also use  body-centered approaches, mindfulness, and cognitive re-scripting.  

Whatever you bring in, mental health challenges, life transitions,, personal and family concerns, etc., I'll be there to walk with you on your journey.